i dream of being possible

irrelevant to life

i wrote those words in response to FrankE asking a thing about julia serano and her analysis.

and i realize. yes.

to a certain extent, this might seem unkind and far too dismissive of the woman often credited with coining ‘transmisogyny” and whose book, whipping girl, is supposed to be seminal in contemporary theorizing about the lives of trans women.

except, tbh, it really is white trans women that she is largely concerned with. and her analysis of gender is boring and too flat to be of any real interest or use.

quite simply, irrelevant to life.

and i don”t just mean my life, but to anyone”s life.

theory and analysis that isn”t multi-layered, complex, and nuanced and — this is super duper mega important — centered on the most vulnerable is irrelevant

it does nothing. it accomplishes nothing.

well… that perhaps isn”t quite true. it does have the rather nasty habit, in the case of influential works like whipping girl, of creating a framework for future discourse that forces us to centre the people who need it least (see julia serano and all other white trans women). it sets the vocabulary, the lexicon of ideas, and constrains what is possible within the discourse.

i”m fucking sick of having to deal with and address theory and analysis like this. i don”t care about it. it doesn”t matter (note: this is why i”ll never bother ready white feminist theory again, ppfeminism or otherwise).

and the notion that these ideas must be contended with (something born in academics) before one can enter the discourse simply creates another unnecessary barier.

it is

irrelevant to life

no more wasted time.</p>