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innocence and guilt

having had that foundational thought behind many white systems of justice thrown at me a few times in recent days, I want to examing this phrase

“innocent until proven guilty”

beyond the ridiculousness of using the white american judicial system or this white american theory of justice as a standard of equity and fair treatment1, these responses show just how much these white ppl are misunderstanding the point of that post:

there are no innocent white people in a white supremacist system. u r all complicit. all of u. even this ugly white baby is a racist

ugly white baby with 'white supremacist' written over the image

y u ask?

because racism is a system. white supremacy is a system. which is what u ppl always want to forget. there are no innocents. and u can”t prove ur innocence. as long as white supremacy is a system, there is no hope of innocence.

that is the point.

which ties into the other post people are groaning about. “zomg! ur arguing for racial seggregation and white ppl can do whatever we want”

u want to be seen as not racist but ur not willing to even entertain the notion of giving something up to be not racist. you want white supremacy with all the bonus of ‘my shit smells like roses”.

i mean, i get it. while we”ve been retching and gagging over your stench but being forced to smile pretty and say “gosh, these roses smell divine!!!!” while puking our guts out…

you”ve been raised to believe ur soooo special. that you can have your cake, eat it, and then steal everyone else”s eat them, and we”ll all just keep smiling and assuring you that this is what you deserve.

so, yeah, ur all fucking racist. and you”re colonizing shitheads. and, what”s worse…

u don”t even care

because u traded ur humanity for gold