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incoherency, disrespect, and smoke screens

There is a large part of me that generally believes that the reporters of this story maybe thought they were doing a decent job of disguising their transmisogyny. In case anyone is wondering… they failed. They failed entirely.

First is how they clearly position this man, taylor murphy, as being super sympathetic. This man is basically getting away with choking his girlfriend in public because she is a trans woman, and somehow I’m supposed to give a fuck that he had faggot written on his locker at work? Or that he attempted suicide?

I don’t care.

One thing this story definitely does, however, is reveal that he is essentially a chaser. A chaser with a history of violence against trans women. And who possibly murdered another one, Lorena Escalera. But, of course, he’s been cleared of any suspicion. Only to be accused of assault against another trans women later in the same year.

And this fucking gem:

The smoke eater blamed Charriez, who he thought was his friend before she accused him of beating her, for spreading rumors about him being involved in the death

What. The. Fuck.

This entire article is haphazard. And its incoherency almost serves to disguise the dripping victim blaming, transmisogynist leanings of these reporters.

Who apparently get more of a thrill out of calling this fucking d00d a ‘hunk’ than giving his victims due respect.

Fuck you.