i dream of being possible

in which i win myself no friends

So. I’m seeing this thing going around for kate bornstein’s cancer fundraiser. Because I think that they usa’s private health care system is inhuman and it is fairly disgusting that a human being needs to do fundraising to receive life saving medical care, I’m not going to air my criticisms on any of those posts.

I sincerely hope that she gets the money she needs.

I also despair for all the trans women of colour and trans feminine people of colour who will likely never have the same social capital to even think that this is something that they can feasibly do (as I’m suddenly reminded about that ongoing fundraiser for a trans man of colour to save his leg and this isn’t even a twoc or tfpoc).

Also can’t help but think about Borstein’s racist appropriation of IaoPoC gender narratives to legitimize her frankly boring and exclusionary gender politics (see this article if you want to learn more).

Worse… I can’t get the fact that Sylvia Rivera died of cancer, poor, and living in a homeless shelter.

It seems like a such a stark exposition into the privilege of whiteness.

So. Do remember this as you donate to Kate Bornstein. She deserves all the help people can give.

Just try not to forget about all the equally worthy trans women of colour and trans feminine people of colour who’s equally real struggles will not get featured on by major news orgs (queer or straight).