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In which a white lady shows her racist transmisogynist ass

Are Ladyboys Gay? + #freebookgiveaway « Elizabeth Chapin ~ ChickChaotic.

Ugh. Just. Fucking UGH with this article.

Shall we start with the title? “are ladyboys gay?” In three words she very concisely expresses all the reasons she should shut the fuck up and never talk about us ever again. Or go to countries like Thailand.

But let us take a few choice parts of this article:

 But not all of them were born female – an those were the people who interested Carol the most – the ladyboys. We learned about them early in our trip and were taught how to pick them out in a crowd. 

Can you tell me, without relying on gender essentialism, exactly how you can be taught to spot a ladyboy out in a crowd? Hmm?

(hint: there is literally no way. just as you have no way to tell which of these people are kathoey, which are women, which are men, and which are actual ladyboys.)

Ladyboys are are born male, but most internally identify with the female gender. Some undergo hormone treatment starting at a young age – before they transition into manhood. They often opt for cosmetic surgery and many aspire to and obtain gender reassignment surgery. Ladyboys are becoming more accepted in Thai culture and are often called kathoey. 

You are so ignorant it literally hurts my brain. You say ‘often called kathoey’ and I’m trying to understand why you think they’d be called this less than ‘ladyboy’ given that one is a Thai word and the other is a racist fucking word that white people like you have imposed on us?

And what business is it of yours what we do with our bodies?

 ”Thai people mainly see the kathoey as either the ‘third gender,’ or a combination of the male and female genders.” But many ladyboys, especially those who have undergone complete gender reassignment surgery, consider themselves female. Even some who have yet to complete the gender reassignment see themselves as female and most refer to each other using feminine terms.

Um… what? I’m not sure why you think these are conflicting things: being third gender, doing SRS, thinking of yourself as a woman (at any stage of transition), and referring to yourself in feminine terms. What?

I’m unclear how you can be a graduate in gender studies without knowing 1) basic reasoning and 2) anything about gender.

Or maybe you are so drunk on white rhetoric that you should just STOP talking about Thai people for the rest of your life, you giant orientalist turd.

One of our new ladyboy friends came with us and was thrilled to have her photo taken with her role models. We tipped well. I was most interested in the shoes. My second daughter has been known to buy what my husband calls “Herman Munster” shoes. They are all the rage here in Thailand, especially with the ladyboys. I don’t quite understand why, since many of them are already six feet tall or taller!

I know you are relating a personal story about your family, but you just referred to a PoC as a monster. You referred to a trans feminine PoC as a MONSTER. How can you be so incredibly dense about your racist, white supremacist bullshit?

I also don’t really understand what fucking country you think you were in. I haven’t been to Thailand. But. Being SEAsian and having been to the Philippines. We aren’t a tall people. Even while I was in China, the average height was around my height (5’7). My mind boggles with disbelief that many or most of the ladyboys in Thailand are 6+ feet. Like… really?

The thing that surprised me the most about many of the ladyboys we met and those we saw in the pictures of Miss Tiffany’s Universe Pageant was how beautiful they are. I mean, seriously beautiful. I’ve met my share of transvestites when I lived in NY and these ladyboys were nothing like them. I think one of the biggest reasons for the differences is that many of the transvestites I met in the past had transitioned to manhood and then decided to cross-dress. I think I’ve only met one transgender woman in my life (before going to Pattaya) and she had transitioned after becoming an adult male. Perhaps one of the reasons the ladyboys are so successful at looking like females is that they transition while they are still boys.

Why would you be surprised that we are beautiful? Fuck you. Also. Another fuck you for erasing and dehumanizing those of us who aren’t beautiful. Because. Yeah, being ‘beautiful’ isn’t actually necessary for a person to be a ladyboy.

And, transvestites? Really? How the fuck do you study gender theory and not actually grasp the difference between a transvestite and a ladyboy?

Do you actually know the average age that Thai kathoey transition? Do you? Do you know that they do it before puberty? Or even most? Because unless you know this, your assumptions about why they are beautiful are largely relying on super racist notions about Thai people.

It’s amazing to see what medical science and a bit of creative make-up can do to transition a human born as a male to become a female in so many ways.

I’m absolutely disgusted that you think this is what makes someone become their gender. That either medical science or makeup is actually necessary for transition or for people to be who they are.

Fucking disgusted especially at the medical science for all the ways it is tied into western colonialism, the medicalisation of gender, and the reduction of what is usually a community centric, spiritually based ID to mere physical bodies. By fucking white tourists like you.

My suggestion? The next time you have the urge to travel to anywhere in Asia? Do the world a favour and punch yourself in the face.

Fuck you.