i dream of being possible

in case anyone is wondering

about what the difference between acceptable discomfort and unacceptable?

The difference, my dears, is all about context.

I can accept being uncomfortable when I’m in a new social situation and i

don’t know people. cases like this, there is little anyone else could do

to make me more comfy (short of actually jsut leaving…)

I can accept being uncomfortable when reading about how i’m privileged and

the ways that i oppress other people, this is a process that should never

be comfy and examning your privilege

or just being uncomfy when a new unexpected situation arises

i don’t/refuse to be uncomfy when a bunch of cis women decide to go hoorah

about the latest catchy “vaginas are so gr8” slogan that is, ya know,


interesting thing about stuff like that.

it doesn’t trigger me every time…

but i imagine the more times i’m forced to see/hear it

the more likely i’ll get triggered by it

because it upsets me. and dehumanizes me.

and just because i’ve been numbed and desensitized by repeatedly hearing

that message my entire life

doesn’t mean i want to **keep** hearing it

but hey. if i’m just upset. who the fuck cares? right?

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