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The Year of Burning Bridges

[Image reads: The Year of Burning Bridges: Collected Essays Vol. 1]

So my anthology of essays I wrote in 2015 is officially published and on sale!

Digital edition is in my store for $5.00

Table of Contents

  1. Restless Spirits (personal essay only shared with patrons)
  2. Burnt Bridges (personal essay only shared with patrons)
  3. Listening to the Living and the Dead: Ruminations on #justiceforLeelahAlcorn (published in full on the web)
  4. The Advocate and the Mainstreaming of Trans MRAs (published in full on the web)
  5. Steps Towards an Angst-free Breakup with your Parents (published in full on the web)
  6. Pluralism and teh Discourse (sold seperately for $1.50)
  7. The Etiquette Guide to Surviving the Workplace for Autistic PoC (sold seperately for $1.50)
  8. The Secret to Decoding Trans MRA Rhetoric (sold seperately for $1.50)
  9. The privilege of privacy (sold seperately for $1.50)
  10. Allergies, disability justice, and accommodation (sold seperately for $1.50)
  11. Race as a Stable Discourse: The Legacy of Scientific Racism, Part 01 (sold seperately for $2.50)
  12. fucking as praxis: the complex relationship between gender and sexuality (published in full on the web)