i dream of being possible

im seeing some rage about the whole gender as a

i’m seeing some rage about the whole

‘gender as a social construct’

and many people misuse the idea as some sort of trump cared when arguing

‘against’ gender or whatever that means

(some of the big perps on this? radfems)

no really remembering that most of human related phenomena are socially


like language. and yet, it is real and matter.


time is socially constructed

yet both remain palpable facts about our existence and the world

(and. most people who use this as some magical invocation are the same

that will forget that social constructions are relative to the society in

which they exist. meaning that my gender is not a product of white

people and white people should always always always tread super lightly

when seeking to invalidate it but never do because they are usually

unrepentant colonial scum)


social constructionism as a theory is somewhat necessary to encourage, for

white and/or cis people, because the more common option chosen is

biological essentialism

which is, for all the shitty disgusting stuff that has come out of


essentialism is still a far worse option

(and, may i suggest? that if you are genderescent or TPoC that maybe we

just pull out from this dichotomy entirely and just call ourselves gender

realists or something?

because, i don’t care for the teleological implications of constructionism

and hate the actual dire consequences of essentialism

but simply want to move past that (very white) debate

so that i can deal with my gender as is

and deal with gender oppression as it actually is)