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I'm *laughing* at the absurdity of this shit

Someone on twitter linked to this post… and I just. No. This is literally the act of white myth building. Not only his he outright lying but his ‘solutions’ are ridiculous.

The most obvious reason for the reaction my speech received is that there are a lot more people than I realized who harbour some of the same concerns I expressed — namely, that governments are ceasing to use evidence, facts and science as the basis to guide policy and instead, are retreating to dogma, fear and partisan advantage to steer the ship of state.

Wait. There was a point in history since the beginning of the illegitimate settler state we call ‘canada’ that governments used fact, evidence, and science to guide policy? When did this happen? Can this d00d even point to a single point in time where this statement was true? (I’m not going to hold my breath…)

But seriously. What is this, but not the delusions of white granduer and myths?

History shows us that, over time, science’s authority always undermines dogma’s legitimacy; and the persuasive power of reason will always trump ideology’s emotion. The best defence against dogma and ideology continues to be reason and science.

History has also shown that tyrants can have a truncated shelf life if the citizenry enters the public forum and, armed with facts, reasoned arguments, and thoughtful ideas, engages in a loud debate. In the case of those who would stand against reason, our silence will be perceived as consent. There’s too much at stake to be silent.


What a fucking joke. Is this what history shows us? Show me just one group that has won its freedom with facts, ‘reasoned’ arguments, thoughtful ideas, and loud debates. Just one.

I’ve said it a million times:

Fuck white reason

Fuck white science

and fuck all the white liberals who think this is the path to freedom.