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i was all geared up to write a post about colonialism

But. I tried. And then failed. In part because my bf kept interrupting me but also because I was annoyed with him. Also, they cleaned the halls of my building with something strong that is making me sneeze, so I'm feeling super drowsy from anti-histamines. Blech.

The post was going to be about:

  • R*dfems and their inherent white supremacy
  • Because of their position on trans stuff and they ways they support/enforce the binary
  • And since the binary is a colonial tool
  • this means that r*dfems are colonialist
  • and colonialism also an expression of white supremacy,
  • therefore, r*dfems are colonialists and white supremacists.
  • and will always be
  • because the very foundations of their analysis and 'radical' approach
  • depends on reifying a tool of white supremacy
  • and you can never win so long as your approach simply creates what you wish to destroy.
  • those feminists who are not radical but neither challenge radicalism nor include intersectionality in a meaningul way
  • are exactly the same
  • and this is, in part, why I still don't have time for trans feminism
  • because I have no desire to associated with hate mongering white supremacists and the people that complacently go along with it
  • I don't need feminism
  • I need decolonization

That is the post I wanted to write...

instead I have a post that doesn't make any sense and I'm still not sure what the hell I'm talking about.

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