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i sincerely hate the argument that 'ur confusing the people with the ideas' no. sorry. ideas do...

i sincerely hate the argument that

‘ur confusing the people with the ideas’

no. sorry.

ideas do not gave a distinct ontological reality from human beings.

u can’t actually separate them from history, context, and the society from which they arise.

also? the fact that some iaopoc thinkers have managed to transform the giant shit that karl marx took into gold

isn’t about the intrinsic quality of the ideas

but about the intrinsic quality of the people articulating them

the fact that Mao Zedong managed to take the orientalist garbage spewed by marx and make it into an ideology that shaped modern China

(and honestly, there are many arguments that could be made that importation of marxism to China caused a lot more shit than good)

isn’t because marxism/socialism is super, duper awesome.

but because the Chinese are better than germans.

took something shitty and unrealistic and unworkable in the real, human world

and created a viable socio-political and economic system that still survives.

it isn’t for nothing that socialism has failed in all white implementations of it.

it is because iaopoc are better than white ppl.

we’ve always been better. and we’ll stay better.

but keep grasping at straws and worshiping your old, dead white men

your empty, meaningless ideologies grounded in suffering and human pain