i dream of being possible

i see tumblr has not improved during my movie

(I don’t have the energy to dig all the way back into whatever the hell started this shit this time because haven’t we all fucking seen this already? this ridiculous example of exactly the sort thing these anti-Black Asians like to do? they argue against asian privilege while showing us just what the difference of visibility as non-privilege makes by attacking a highly visible, Black target as a means to prove that there is no asian privilege? except, what is privilege if not being able to say pretty much whatever I want with little to no consequences? to know that even if I say something that other people are saying, or agree with people, people will still just focus on the visible target? is this not privilege?)

Fuck. This shit is exhausting. And you know what? I’m definitely both understanding more and more why so many Black people have essentially written us off. I’m half at the point where I think we all should just fucking step away until we can actually do solidarity correctly because, frankly, I’m sick of this shit. And I can’t even imagine who those who are experiencing it as attacks on themselves and their communities feel. Because, fuck, how is it we cannot even go a fucking month without doing this dance? 

You aren’t fresh, this isn’t new, you aren’t brave for harassing Riley, Black people are not our stepping stones to noteriety, and why can’t you at least realize that all this shit is so old and moldy and dusty?