i dream of being possible

i officially hate everything

the cis white lesbian senator has proposed an amendment to bill c-279

because she is a bullshit terf at heart

this is the furthest the trans rights/gender identity non-discrimination law has got.

this has the chance of killing the bill entirely if the senate votes ‘yes’ on the amendment (because this session will end at the end of the month, and any laws that haven’t been passed, die and the whole process will need to start over).

if the senate votes ‘no’ then it is possible that canada will finally include gender identity in the human rights code (as a recognized ground for discrimination)

it is shit like this that totally reminds me that some of my biggest oppressors are white cis lesbians. because if this fails because of this. it will be her fault and her fault alone. and i have zero doubts that she will continue doing this for as long as she remains in the senate (canadian senate appointments are for life).