i dream of being possible

i mean that is what white colonialism has

i mean…..

that is what white colonialism has done. erased its history.

so that people cannot see that there is no difference between nazi uniforms, the uniforms of the british army, the spanish military uniforms (yes, i remember that fucking picture set going around with a bunch of people going oh ‘spanish soldiers soooo fucking hot!!11!’), etc for the uniforms of any major colonial power.

these are all genocidal, white supremacist nations.

the nazis were disgusting. so were/are the british. so were/are the spanish. so were/are the french. so were/are the dutch. so were/are the belgians. so were/are the portuguese.

acting as if there is substantive difference between nazis and the rest of these is to simply erase the global genocides that happened and, worse, the ones that continue today.

seriously. as far as i’m concerned a british royal wearing a nazi uniform is a step down in terms of global histories and genocides.