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i just say 'no' to internet ads

so i just saw a tweet i made hours ago when i was on the atlantic reading some essay. i have adblock (like everyone should) and they are one of those sites that are like: ‘pls disable adblock or subscribe”

of course my answer is: no.

the atlantic doesn”t produce good enough content for me to want to pay for it.

i”d rather see them and every other mainstream media outlet go out of business before disabling adblock. i”d rather google go out of business before i”d consider disabling adblock.

it isn”t my fault that tech companies like google and other media are too fucking lazy and unimaginative to think of ways to stay in business without ads.

the way the internet runs is unsustainable (and contradictory to the high minded ideals that a lot of tech orgs pretend they have).

the sooner they realize it and start trying to figure out alternative, the better.