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i find myself perturbed again by that post that claimed that… what ppl on tumblr shame...

i find myself perturbed again by that post that claimed that… what ppl on tumblr shame ‘recovery”? ah, here”s the quote:

“i feel that tumblr, in an effort to be accepting of mental illness, has become anti-recovery”

hours later, it occurs to me what a deeply fucked up thing this is to say. i mean. while i don”t have a lot of contact with white disability discourse, which i can imagine maybe doing this, this seems to me to be awfully close to

“stop glorifying mental illness”

i literally know of no one who is ‘anti-recovery”. instead, i know of many ppl with terrible or no access to doctors, psychs, or anything other than other disabled ppl. and. yeah. sure a lot of us trying to be positive and affirming and validating as far as our mental illnesses are concerned.

but i also know that pretty much whenever one of us is able to do something about it, anything, we also cheer each other on. ppl trying to accept their current circumstances and be as ‘ok” with it as possible, given that we have little or no ability to seek treatment, is pretty much a survival coping mechanism. no. it may not make anyone ‘better” and it may even be harmful (by this i mean counter-productive to recovery).

but, for me at least, its either reach some kind of peace/acceptance with how i am… or kill myself out of despair bc i have so few options and i know that a lot of things will not get better without treatment.

and this?

I swear to god, I don’t get why some people on this website straight up reject good recovery help like this because either they a)have never been in therapy so don’t understand in context how to use these coping tactics. Or b)want to insist that all therapists and psych doctors are neurotypical and have zero idea what they are talking about.

is an incredibly asshole thing to say. ‘u reject recovery bc u”ve never been in therapy” WHY HAVE SOME OF US NEVER BEEN IN THERAPY? MAYBE THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A TINY SECOND AND YOU”LL COME UP WITH SOME KIND OF ANSWER. i don”t think anyone has insisted that all psychs are neurotypical, rather i see a lot fucking lot of us talking about medical abuse, poor treatment, and violence experienced at the hands of the pyschiatric industry.

but hey. whatever. tumblr is anti-recovery. all of us mean sjws just want everyone to fuckig SUFFER in mental illness. ur oppressive if u seek treatment. treatment is oppressive. down with the man.