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i can't even with this mess of transmisogyny and racism

[Rihanna is a Balinese Man gay with god](http://gaywithgod.com/2012/12/29/rihanna-is-a-balinese-man/)

Okay. So I pretty much thought, from the title alone, that whoever wrote this was a transmisogynist and racist piece of shit.

Okay. So. While the intended meaning of the title is obviously related to his experience at a drag show in Thailand… there is a long history of making Black woman into un-women by claiming that they are men. Just straight up racism and sexism. But given the actual context… also transmisogynist as fuck.

(and forgive me if i don’ take the word of some expat white missionary in Thailand as worth anything when talking about kathoey)

Like… look at this shit:

Walking down the street in Bali and being asked if I want a blowjob by a lady boy simply prompts me to give a friendly smile and answer, “No thank you.”

But it isn’t like ladyboy is a racist and transmisogynist term… oh. wait.

And to make it better? We should totally thank this white saviour for helping us:

Queers. Dikes. Lesbians. Straights. Trannies. Gays. Lesbians. Confused. Faggots. Bisexuals. Inter-sex. Questioning. Asexual. Unlabeled. No matter what they’ve called you or how you define your sexuality, please lend me your ears:

I speak out for you. But not just you…for us.

Motherfucker,  you do not speak for me.

You racist. Transmisogynist. White. Expat. Piece of shit.

I hope you get dysentery and suffer mightily.