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human rights

It has been rolling around in my brain since I saw it, that pic or whatever being passed around how China was calling the US on some human rights violation or whatever.

And the comment was soemthing like: when China is calling you out on human rights violations, you know you are shit.

it bothers me how China is framed in an amusing quip or whatever as being especially bad or worse than the us for human rights violations. because… of course, there are many problems in China right now. Especially wrt human rights.

But. I’m unclear how I’m supposed to see the US as being substantively better. especially if we remember our history.

it might (and it probably could easily be argued to the contrary) be arguable that at this moment in history the usa is doing better on human rights than China.

I’m unclear how this could be true if we take in the past 500 years of history for both countries.

i’m also unclear why the punch line has to be “those awful Chinese are calling america out”

when instead, for all their problems, we can recognize the rather brave step for China to be one of the few (if only) countries willing to call the usa out on its shit.