i dream of being possible

huh. i just realized something

one of the reasons (of many) that presenting people who act like decent human beings as super fucking ultra amazing awesome

and the ways that the media and pop culture and general morality constructs this decentness as essentially heroic

it creates a context and situation where your average, ordinary person likely feels like they aren’t ‘strong’ enough. or ‘brave’ enough. or ‘tough’ enough to actually just be a decent human being

all these stories of basic human decency that make it seem noble to be decent

make it seem like you need to be bigger, better, and more than human just to

essentially see and respect the humanity of people

except that it isn’t super human or really fucking amazing when someone is a decent human being

and it doesn’t take bravery, courage, or whatever to just

treat people like people

to recognize their humanity

to respect it

to cherish it