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holy fuck all the white people whining about

holy fuck. 

all the white people whining about my PSA on ladyboy. 

you realize that if something is racist, that means white people made it that way? 

so. in a post where I’m explicitly drawing attention to that, why would I direct to IAOPOC? Hmm? 

and. yeah. it is still transmisogynistic and non-SEAsian IAOPOC should maybe know before hand whether or not a person is IDing that way before saying, if at all. 

but… you know… I don’t really need to make PSA about that because I’ve never seen an IAOPOC use it. And they sure as fuck haven’t created entire industries around exploiting us. So. 

Fuck you. 

*white* people need to stop using ladyboy. Stop. it. 

And, no, if you are white, you don’t get an opinion about who can or cannot say it.