i dream of being possible

here's a little collection from transbr0 MRA twitter....

i think this is the most special thing i’ve read in a long long time

lol. if u threaten my fragile masculinity ur transphobic

not all men

but really. not all men.

we were socialized as women!

fuck u

trans women are anger balls and super scary

here’s a little collection from transbr0 MRA twitter. you’ll notice wonderful hits of songs we all love.


“not all men!”

“ur the real misogynist for saying i’m a man!”

“we are socialized as women!”

“trans women are aggressive and abusive bc they were socialized as men!”

“ur transphobic if u don’t coddle my fragile masculinity!”

ppl seriously think this is all reasonable.

notice how so much of this is basically from the radfem handbook? like…

there is serious overlap here but these transbr0s are putatively part of ‘our’ ~community!~

and, bc they are men, ppl are _listening_ to them and taking this _seriously_.