i dream of being possible

have i mentioned recently how much i hate

have i mentioned recently how much i hate respectability shit?


i get there are a lot of ppl who learn really well from books.

but i hope you eventually realized that there are vast swaths of the population who are ommitted, erased, disappeared by ur books and academic sources


all we have are theories/facts/feelings cobbled together while receiving a white supremacist, ciscentric, homophobic education

i mean

i could cite you the 10+ years of formal education and figure out all the books i’ve read the classes i’ve taken, etc.

the fact that some white person (often a man) has also said something i’m saying

does not make it more or less true.

if it is true, it is true.

u don’t want to believe something you read?

fact check.

your education is your own fucking responsibility