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hand-fed solutions!

Since I essentially refuse to create a reddit account to reply to comments made about my posts, I’ll keep doing it here whenever I see something of interest. Today we are talking about this comment about my post on rice queens.

I don’t know what this means or how I am supposed to act to help correct the rampant racism in our community (is that even the point of this article?). Am I supposed to keep my attraction to Asian men a secret, or any men that are not exactly as I am? I feel attacked by progressive Asian activists when they post articles like this – there is no answer here, just a list of (valid) complaints about how the white man is bad. I know we’re bad, so many men in the white gay community are completely blind to their privilege and it’s disgusting, but there are no solutions or anything constructive here.

Er? Really? You can’t actually see no alternatives between racist preferences or fetishizing? Seriously?

In terms of a solution: stop being racist. That is the solution. Whether or not you are attracted to Asians isn’t the point and largely irrelevant.

The point is whether or not you participate in the largely trans/misogynistic practice of thinking Asian men aren’t manly enough or wanting them for the exact same reasons. If you aren’t doing this, well, you don’t really need to do much else beyond working on not being racist in a more general sense (and this is something all white people should be working at, all the time).

What else, really, do you need? What solutions?

This comment is annoying because it, like many other things I see, consistently fails to understand that racism is an action. It is something you are doing. Yes, it is, in part, about your disposition and state of being, but it is an activity.

And, like, any action, the solution is to simply stop doing it. Like. If I’m standing here kicking you in the shins, something I doubt you appreciate, what is the solution?

That I stop kicking you

Now, stopping from being oppressive is much more difficult, obviously. But. There are no generalized solutions. Everyone has to take their own journey and path to it. Moreover, it is a long and possibly endless road. And the point just might be that you start walking it and hope for the best and not to fuck up too much.

(and here is an easy start… maybe the next time you see a post like this and go, ‘but they didn’t provide any solutions,’ maybe stop and think about why it is that you are expecting other people to do your critical thinking for you.)