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Gay community surprisingly optimistic about financial future | Money -- WPTZ Home

[Gay community surprisingly optimistic about financial future Money – WPTZ Home](http://www.wptz.com/news/money/Gay-community-surprisingly-optimistic-about-financial-future/-/8869718/19163746/-/127s2ufz/-/index.html):

Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender investors are largely optimistic about their financial futures, but many don’t realize just how much extra money same-sex couples pay because the federal government doesn’t recognize gay marriage.


This is why i loathe that ‘lgbt’ has become the pc term of choice. when they used to say either ‘gay’ or ‘gay and lesbian’ at least it was a billion times more honest.

did they seriously even talk to one trans ‘investor’? who even are these people?

And they are optimistic about their financial futures? I literally do not know a single trans feminine person who does not have serious concerns about their financial situation (I know I have a bias ‘cause I tend to mostly know trans feminine people of colour, but even the few white trans women I know have many, many worries).

not to speak of the high levels of poverty and homelessness.

lgbt investors


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