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fuck ur umbrella

so i first say this a while back and sort of rolled my eyes and ignored it bc i have better things to think about and do

but then @dtwps mentioned it on twitter and then i looked in the tumblr tag and now i hate everything

but i especially hate ‘mogai”

now. i don”t hate it because it is a new term.

i don”t hate it bc i prefer ‘lgbt+”

i hate it for the same reason i hate ‘lgbt+” and, fuck, the same reason i hate ‘transgender” (as a umbrella term)

u should be seeing a theme here: i hate umbrella terms. all of them.

i hate ‘lgbt+” and Gay Inc because they stole the movement from twoc and pushed us out.

i hate mogai bc from everything i can see, this is a push for greater inclusivity focused on recently surfacing identities (i”m not going to say ‘new” bc they aren”t new, just new words for existent identities).

one thing i didn”t see in the tumblr tag is ANY SINGLE person who was advocating for ‘mogai” saying anything at all about centering twoc. or about making sure that ‘mogai” is actually a conceptually safe space for us.

i want to know: any of the ppl currently advocating for this umbrella term:

  • what are u doing for incarcerated trans women?
  • what are u doing to stop the murder of Black and/or Latina trans women in the US? or of twoc globally?
  • what r u doing to support twoc sex workers?

if ur answer is ‘nothing” and if u haven”t once even thought about this in conceptualizing this new umbrella

then ur not a part of my community. ur not under my ‘umbrella”. fuck, ur not even my ally. ur nothing to me but another oppressor or someone complicit in it.

i find it SUPER fascinating that, in my circles, in my community(ies)

none of the all qtpoc i know are using this term.

not. a. single. one.

and none of the twoc i know are using it.


fuck. ur. umbrella.</p>