i dream of being possible

for my edification

i just saw that ‘princex’ is being used as a gender neutral

prince/princess thing.

Check the tumblr tag and i see a bunch of mostly white looking ppl.

Now, my only encounters, to date, with the use of ‘x’ to denote gender

neutrality has largely been with “Latinx” or “Filipinx” or variations


I’m feeling discomfitted now, with seeing white ppl use this for

themselves. Because, the reasons for pin@ys wanting to use ‘x’ or the ‘@’

to denote gender neutrality isn’t because of some white gender shit, but

out of a desire to decolonize our languages. Which would mean that white

ppl adopting this particular strategy is to, again, colonize our language.

But. I may have this all wrong, so let me know if I’m mistaken about this.