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finally looked into what went down in the teen wolf fandom

and i”m fucking laughing at all the sterek shippers crying about what Tyler Posey said. ha.

i”ve really cooled off from the tw fandom for a little while now. i was basically reading tw fic all the time (which, yes, means a lot of sterek). partially, ‘cause the stuff i like hasn”t been posted all that much (the AUs, the fluff) and because i”m just kinda bored with it.

in part because this does remind me of the buffy fandom”s big love for xander. like, xander was there throughout the show, but he only had a fairly small amount of episodes centered on him and he was really just comic relief. but, the biggest slash ship for that fandom is spike/xander. who, for real, have about as much direct interaction as derek and stiles do. and their interactions were definitely not of the super romantic potential type. xander makes it very clear that he hates spike and spike pretty much communicates the same. and yet…

with teen wolf. i”m tired of combing though the hundreds of fics posted every week at ao3 looking for my ‘rare” ships. that really ought not to be rare at all. like scott/anyone. or danny/anyone. or boyd/anyone. and note: i actually have the teen wolf fandom tag on ao3 on an rss feed that i would check everyday. so, for maybe a year now? i”ve literally read the summary for pretty much every single fic posted on ao3 in the teen wolf fandom. and i know that there are more stiles/peter fics than with anything involving one of the moc on the show. stiles/peter for fuck”s sake.

it would maybe be amusing to watch all the twisted contortions of logic and reason that many sterek fans use to excuse their shitty racist fapping to white boys. except that it is just kinda boring and tedious.

because, honestly, instead of lying to yourselves and everyone else that you care about things like representation or whatever the fuck, you”d come off much better just by saying “i like it” without trying to justify it. because it is in your justifications that you move from the passive racism and homophobia that is entailed by ignoring all the moc and the gay moc, to active shittiness.

and i”m still giggling at the fans who are all ‘zomg! tyler called us weird, twisted, and bizarre!” when many of you are white, hetero, women fetishizing gay men.

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