i dream of being possible

feminism, as viewed by my rather simplistic brain

i don’t talk much about feminism (radical or otherwise). mostly because i don’t really see the point, anymore.

i am at a place where i cannot distinguish feminism from any other part of the white supremacist and transmisogynist society from which it came from and where it thrives.

i don’t understand the difference between them and, say, fascists. or marxists, tbh. or liberals. or conservatives.

yes. i do understand the theoretical differences.

i’m talking about the functional differences. because when all i can see, in the reverberations of their actions, is their continued efforts at colonialism, genocide, and death of people like me (and many people unlike me)

wherein can i find the difference?

when i talk about decolonization. about dismantling essentially everything about our current oppressive social structures.

feminism is merely one part of a larger whole.

the horrors of feminism. the harm it has done.

(and that it continues to do)

are neither accidental nor unique

it is a tool created by an oppressive system

its purpose is, and always has been, oppression.

and while you can use a sword to dig a hole

you’ll be at it a long time before you get one deep enough for a foundation

but all the digging in the world, won’t wash the blood away