i dream of being possible

feel like watching a show about white d00ds and their fetishized lust for ladyboys?


If you are curious here is the description:

SCOTT is a heating engineer from Tyneside in England’s north-east. He’s divorced with two kids and is about to marry his partner of two years, Paeng, who is a Thai ladyboy and former prostitute. In Facebook parlance, “It’s complicated”. Or, as Scott remarks in a masterly understatement: “It does play with your mind at times.” Then there is English David, who now lives in Bangkok and is a serial dater of ladyboys. He, too, says he is looking for love. The two men talk openly about their desires and relationships (both firmly asserting they are not gay), and appear at the same time to be a curious combination of the emotionally immature and unusually insightful. Occasionally, the elephant in the room – the economic inequality between the Thais and their Western escorts – is recognised, but far more often the men insist it is all about true love. It’s hard – nay, impossible – not to be cynical but, as they say in the north of England, that great bastion of diversity and acceptance: “It takes all sorts.”

I’m going to hope that, for most people the answer to the question was “NOPE!!!”

I don’t even have the ability to deal with this shit right now. I just…

(can we also point and laugh at this phrase “the north of England, that great bastion of diversity and acceptance” hahahhahaahahhahaah

omg. white english d00ds being colonialist isn’t a. anything new b. not ‘diversity’)

everyone invovled with this show who is not a ladyboy, should punch themselves in face, as a gesture of their contrition for making this shit.