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fair warning about my abusive behaviour

In accidentally clicking some of the tags associated with my username, I”ve learned yet another new way to be called abusive…

In this case it was: mentioning that a person was part of a group is abusive (bc they group abused them).

Last week we also saw: Criticizing someone”s theory is abuse.

But also: Mentioning one of your interpersonal conflicts and a way to mark you biases is also abuse.

And last but not least: Not liking a person (and saying why) is also abuse.

Of course, people have every right to frame any harm I might”ve done to them as abuse. I”m not disputing that.

Just wanted ppl to make note. This isn”t intending to defend myself from their claims. I will always think that we should err on the side of victims.

But. Um. I guess I really just want ppl to know that I don”t feel bad about any of the above. So if you do think such things qualify as abuse and/or you do want to err on the side of victims, now you know.

Please take whatever steps you feel necessary for your own safety.