i dream of being possible

even when they try

Someone on facebook linked to this video of matt damon reading a howard zinn speech:

For those who don”t know, zinn is the author of A People”s History of the United States. So, of all white ppl, one could say that he, more than most, actually is cognizant of the history of the us.

Which is why it is so deeply ironic that the point in the video, at 3:31 or so, he is all “zomg! we need to get back to the spirit of the constitution! civil disobedience!11!!”

Yeah. Really.

The spirit of the US constitution, given that it was a document created to mark the transition from colony to settler state, is genocide. It was written by a slave owner, a literal cracker.

It was motivated by white greed so pervasive, that they no longer wanted to ‘share” it with the mother country.

america has, indeed, lived up to the ideals of its constitution. Indigenous genocides are ongoing. Black people and labour are still exploited to put wealth in whtie hands.