i dream of being possible

even though it is tedious


so after writing that bi post and realizing that this isn”t the first time i”ve talked about this (or even the second if we also consider my comments on hetero-romantic aces).

this arguments come up every so often. often enough that they are tedious and boring. and i often go, “why even still bother?”. I mean. am i really ‘defending” a community that so soundly rejects trans women of colour? what am i fighting for, here?

the thing is. the thing is.

is that i care because it is trans women of colour who started the movement. it is our movement first and foremost. even though it has been overrun by white cis gays and lesbians. it will always be ours.


i have zero issues with being perceived as a ‘gatekeeper” to the community (which, LOL, btw) because… well. despite being gatekept right out of the movement, i will not forget.

i refuse to forget the legacies of Sylvia Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson, Miss Major, Mama Rene, and the other twoc/trans feminine poc/queer poc who were there and started the rebellion and the movement.

i refuse to concede this ground.

despite the tedium of dealing with the people seeking to dilute and be included within the white cis gay and lesbian assimilationist agenda

i will not yield</p>