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er... okay. no one is going to make the connections?

[Workplace bullying “an epidemic” – Seattle Civil Rights Examiner.com](http://www.examiner.com/article/workplace-bullying-an-epidemic?cid=rss).

To get this quick comment out of the way… I hate shit like this that concludes that workplace bullying should be dealt with because it hurts productivity. Fuck capitalism.

But. In terms of missed connections.

‘Bullying’ (and such a trite word for the culture of abuse and oppression we foster), has been fairly omnipresent in the headlines. But in terms of schools and children.


No one wants to mention the continuity here? How creating a culture where abuse amongst children is tolerated and often encourage is somehow not supposed to carry on into our adult lives?

How children who are enabled in their abuse by our general permissiveness and tolerance (they are children! they’ll grow out of it), never actually learn that what they do is wrong or ever grow out of it?

Okay, then.