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discrimination as virus? er. no. bad analogy.

Advocate story using a virus metaphor for discrimination

From the opening paragraph:

Discrimination is carried like a virus, spreading through a crowd and infecting the masses before anyone knows what hit them.

Nope. Nice try, but this is a massive fucking fail.

(now, in the context of the story, i do get why he is making this metaphor, based on some earlier post he made about HIV and the reactions he received from it. okay. but still)

I hate shit like this because it always present oppression as something that just…


to people without any particular intentional cause. Illness can and does (especially those caused by viruses) strike people almost at random (not quite, given discrepancies between class/race/etc. that impact who is getting what). It sort of just happens.

Discrimination, oppression, doesn’t just happen. It happens for a specific reason and it happens because people want it to happen.

It isn’t accidental. Nor is it some fact of life.