i dream of being possible

diaspora home loss

the most beautiful language in the world to me will always be Tagalog. Also a language I don’t speak. 

But it reminds of a home I never had and have always been looking for. 

I just was reading something and could so clearly hear the language in my head. one of the things I miss most about living in vancouver was the large Filipin@ population. I heard Tagalog pretty much everyday. 

I don’t hear it at all here. 

I still have a small hope that someday I’ll have the opportunity to learn it. That I’ll magically overcome my difficulty in learning other languages and actually really learn it.

(i’m also pretty much sure that i’ll never have time to learn it. that it will always, always be something i yearn for but never obtain.)

I wish even more that I’d be able to learn Swardspeak. It reflects the community I always wish I had but never managed to find. 

But I suppose it isn’t surprising…

when you don’t have a home, where can you find a community?