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dear other non-Black poc'

dear other non-Black poc:

it isn’t ok, when a post or whatever, is clearly about Black people

and you say ‘this other group too’

the problem, even in cases where the comment might be appropriate,

ie saying that Indigenous oppression and Black oppression aren’t necessarily distinct

is that this happens on every single post about Black people’s experiences

and what is serves to enforce is that Black people

no matter what the issue is

are never allowed or able to be centered.

you might think ‘well, i’m just saying it this one time’

but that one time fits into an overarching and pretty much universal

(and anti-Black)

urge to generalize (and thus erase Blackness from) Black experiences/thought/creative work/etc

so pls restrain this urge and think twice before entering a conversation about Black people and making a comment like this.