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Dear men, you do not get to reclaim t***y

Randall Jenson: Should the LGBT Community Use Words Like ‘Faggot’ and ‘Tranny’? Yes, Call Me a ‘Faggot’. I don’t care that you are a self proclaimed effeminate faggot. I don’t fucking care. I also don’t understand, not even a little bit, why the hell you think that you get to speak for anyone other than gay white cis men? (right, right, transmisogyny and white supremacy.) You fail to understand, exactly, how reclaiming words actually works. The so-called ‘LGBT’ community is heterogenous. And is actually a formation of many communities. Not all people that fall within ‘LGBT’ will have the same slurs violent used against them. What does this mean? Since you appear particularly dense? It means that unless you are part of the fucking group the slur is used against, you can’t fucking use it. Ever. Not even in disquotations. You blank that shit out it is just as easy to write t*** y as to do what you did. But, of course, too busy being a transmisogynist shitbag to bother taking your head out of your ass. And. Look. I imagine I’m a year or two away from having the t-word used against me. But, see? I’m not using it. Might never. I have my own words to reclaim. ps. no one needs you to speak for us. shut the fuck up.

(eta: changed title to just ‘men’ since no man, faggot or no, should be using t***y)