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cynicism for the privileged

While I know many twoc who are disillusioned and exhausted by the whole ‘tdor” thing. A whole bunch of us are tired of seeing white trans ppl use our bodies for their ‘awareness” and ~activism~ platforms. Of co-opting our narratives to centre themselves and keep tight control over teh community…

I understand.

If you choose to disengage like I have, I get it.

White trans ppl, however? No.

Saw a white trans woman make an ‘ironic” tweet about being cynical about tdor.

You don”t get to do this. Not even a little. As much as I dislike the brand and the person who controls it, until white trans ppl clean up this mess, I fully expect you all to stay engaged and keep working to wrest control of this from, well, yourselves.

You don”t get to walk away from your responsibilities in this. You don”t get to perform ‘cynicism” or ‘disillusionment” or whatever the fuck.

Its a privilege to be able to walk away and distance yourself like this. Its just as bad as the white trans ppl having a death grip on the day and the events.

Clean up your mess and we can renegotiate.