i dream of being possible

cant remember if i posted about this or not but

can’t remember if I posted about this or not

but i remember seeing a missing person’s thing posted by a poc, but the missing person was a white friend or something

and they framed it as

“i know most of us don’t care about white people, but please boost this”

One, I hate feeling like I’m being emotionally blackmailed or manipulated into doing a thing.

Two, I literally do not know a single iapoc person on tumblr who has not or has categorically refused to boost a missing person post just because that person was white.

If there is (in the iaopoc corner of tumblr) a greater frequency of boosting missing iaopoc, this is often because, well, outside of tumblr or other social media, this information will not be disseminated in any wide spread fashion: because white authorities don’t care about missing iaopoc.

Nonetheless: despite having a policy of having a mayo free blog, missing people posts are an automatic reblog. No matter who it is. And I’ve reblogged these posts from iaopoc with similar policies.

why? because none of us are as mean and petty as white people. who’ve created entire institutions that facilitate the disappearance of iaopoc, but are unashamed about how little they do to rectify the problem.