i dream of being possible


i only started on tumblr just before she passed

i heard about it but didn’t know anything abou tit. or who she was.

(i bet some people are wondering why i was so triggered and hurt by what

happened yesterday)

i’ve learned more about her since then. people still grieve over her loss.

what i’ve learned (the little bits that people who knew her shared)

makes me deeply wish that i could have known her.

i don’t know much about her. one thing i do know is that she (as her

blog says) was for Brown Gurls. she was for them and definitely

(definitely) not at all white people.

i know this. this is why i’ve kept some distance from her blog. why i’ve

hesitated to read it.

(because she seemed awesome. and i want to honour her memory and her

spirit, even if it means that i do it at a distance. because i have

super light skin. i’m a transpinay and i pass for white.)

the fact that she existed is enough for me. i don’t need anything else.

yesterday i saw a white woman invoke her spirit