i dream of being possible

but really

I”m still deeply amused at how these

“i swear I”m not really racist because i”m not actually white”


never quite get that doing this is a subtle, but damaging type of white supremacy

I guess this is one bad as pect of racial ‘identity”

since it implies that a race needs an invidual to “ID” as such

in order to be racialized

but of course, this would be to focus on white supremacy as an institution

those of us in the racialized ‘other” category

often will find power and affirmation and pride in IDing as the race white people pushed on us

but a latvian white can be all

“i don”t feeeel white” in a conversation about the Filipin@ identity.


not only is ur experience as a white latvian in a settler state sooooo not even close to be relevant or analogous

but using my experience (ie, trying to say that mixed-with-white poc) occupy the same ‘white but not really white” space as you

just makes me want to head butt you

in your white oatmeal face</p>