i dream of being possible

been so tired and exhausted these past few days

I've also been meaning to write another post about logic. And stuff.

Because I want to tie in my hatred of colonial maps with how people get into certain kinds of discussions.

Because our maps today are lies white people told us and so many of us threat them like they actually represent the actual world.

We will, often uncritically, use them like they are matters of fact.

But they aren't.

No matter how much you ID might be based on some nationality or whatever, many of us are only reifing this lie.

But having everyone earnestly believe a lie can't actually make it true.

And when you base an entire post on something some ignorant french dude made up 400 years ago, it is time to re-evaluate everything.

You will never derive truth from lies.

There will never be any meaningful political unity or utility that can ever be derived from lies.

Any and all forms of colonialism should be resisted.