i dream of being possible

been meaning to write this

because my post on white people (binary or not) benifiting from the binary

has considerably distressed a non-binary poc person.

part of the point i was trying to make (and Taleth said it better anyway)

is that PoC are neither binary nor non-binary.

this applies to be cis and trans PoC.

the binary, along with its attendant gender system

was imposed

but. what does this mean for today?

especially since there are many PoC (most especially Black people)

who’ve been so forcibly separated from their original cultures roots


that they cannot know and all they have is what has been imposed

this does not invalidate your gender. nothing does. your gender is and

continues and will always be yours. and whatever word you use to

articulate that fundamental truth of your existence is also valid. and

more importantly


(but all of the above is why i wanted genderessence in the first place.

because we need a space where we can understand what it means to be a

non-binary poc)