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Autostraddle — Gender Blender An Intimate Film About Life Outside The Binary

Autostraddle — Gender Blender: An Intimate Film About Life Outside The Binary:


look at all the fucking white people on this thread (and, yeah, i’ve already criticized this movie’s use of ‘third gender’ and they actually changed the title because of it).

but. this is exactly why white people need to fucking mind their own fucking business.

look at these fucking white people saying

“maybe it is time to reclaim third gender!” or debating about it like they have any say about any of this.

this is a reminder:

third gender is racist

here is a little history for why

no white person should be IDing as this. i don’t care how radical and outside of the binary you are.

(eta: fuck these people. i just looked at their website and they are still using ‘third gender’ in the title of their movie. fuck these racist, lying assholes)

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