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as witchsistah astute as always pointed out

As witchsistah (astute as always), pointed out: 

Body mods in poc cultures is part of why white people originally thought we were barbaric and part of why they thought we needed ‘civilizing.’ 

Millions of people have died for not fitting into white standards of propriety, they just haven’t been white people. 

It isn’t an accident that trad forms and methods of body mods in many cultures have all but died out. 

It isn’t an accident and it was done on purpose. 

Resources, access, and other shit has always been a factor for why or if a poc gets body mods. 

Just. Unlike white people, this shit has been happening to us for hundreds of years. 

Been getting excluded from jobs, resources, and shit for participating in traditional customs (and *not* out of some personal choice).

We (often) had to give up these deeply meaningful cultural practices, so that we could *live*. 

Fuck your jobs, white people. I only hope you continue to make choices that make your lives miserable. Fuck you.