i dream of being possible

and we can make the connections

between white people essentially neo-colonizing countries for retirement and how this happens domestically in the form of gentrification

because the same economics apply: white people create conditions for iaopoc poverty, then whenever they get tired of paying whatever artificially inflated price they’ve created for basic necessities (for the express purpose of keeping iaopoc poor), they move into iaopoc areas ‘cause everything is cheap.

only to bitch endlessly that things aren’t up to their standards, so they put in fancy supermarkets or whatever, driving up prices until all the iaopoc are either dead or have left

lather, rinse, repeat

and after 500 years of colonization, they fucking have this down to a precise science. and on every place on this planet, iaopoc are continuously being chased around by fucking white people who can never ever fucking seem to just stay the fuck where they are and leave us alone,