i dream of being possible

and the thing is i get why people would be all

and the thing is

i get why people would be all ‘blerg’ at me calling science a white thing

but it should be taken into account that this is by design.

it is on purpose that science is framed as a white invention

that iaopoc innovation and creativity and technology is instantly branded either inferior or happy accidents (serendipity1!11!)

it isn’t by accident that most people (especially white people) think that iapoc made no substantive contributions to our current level of development

yet, on the other hand

i question the urge to label

the processes and methods used by iaopoc to innovate and create technology


because recasting these processes and methods as science has a faint whiff of hegemonic discourse

and also kinda assumes that this iaopoc processes and methods aren’t still existent and present and being practiced and still driving a lot of the innovation and technology that is being created today but being attributed to science

because, insofar as iaopoc peoples continue to exist, our cultures, methods, and means for knowledge creation live on. in the stories our grandparents tell us, in the languages we speak, with the very eyes/ears/mouths/noses/skins we use to experience the world.