i dream of being possible

and of course you can only do one be one


my family was pretty poor overall when they came to the country. a lot of blue collar, labour type jobs (although many of them have moved into the middle class at this point).

and sure. they basically wanted us all to do engineering (and even most of my cousins did indeed go to school for engineering)

And yet… we are also a very artistic family. We have musicians, painters, photographers, designers, etc.

Some of my cousins started with more ‘science’ type careers but have recently been moving onto their artistic interests.

think about that the next time ur set to invoke that ‘Asians aren’t creative’ stereotype

many of our families continue to send money back home (as in supporting more than just ourselves). we make what bargains we must with white supremacy and capitalism to live and survive

and like any other people, we make art/music/beauty to express ourselves and just because.

just because we are human beings. who are complex.