i dream of being possible

and it isnt that i think that nothing should be

and it isn’t that i think that nothing should be done/about radfems…

it is just that i’d prefer dismantling the entire system that supports them in their mandate to push a discourse/path of ‘liberation’ that only, in the end, will benefit white cis middle class able women .

the system that allows them to book venues for conferences that only get cancelled once a big internet shit storm gets directed to them

the system that allowed one letter from one white woman to systematically bar trans women from accessing health care in any human fashion

the system that feeds into itself such that those people who are allegedly ‘for us’ become indistinguishable from those who are ‘against us’1

the system that allows white women to continue to think that they are the most oppressed ever

the system that despite all the historical and real world evidence will still discuss radfem ideology and historical actions as if it sincerely benefited women