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an interesting observation on a hypothesis ive been

A few weeks ago, I turned anon on.

And I’ve definitely been a lot more engaged in various discussions. During this time, I’ve seen various threats and hate directed towards Black bloggers.

What I wanted to see was if there really is any hate or risk to standing behind them or trying to provide some support.

Some observations:

  1. While I’m not the most crushingly brutal blogger, I’m also not the nicest (especially since I don’t believe in ‘debates’ when lives are at stake.

  2. The laser focus with which most white (and many anti-Black poc) attack and bother Black people really does mean that it isn’t very risky to show up when needed.

So. Anon is on. I also partially have left it one because I actually hoped that some of the ridiculous questions that I see Black people being asked would get directed to someone else. They didn’t and they don’t.

But. I’m saying something about this now because there are some talks about solidarity or whatever going around.

It is a sad thing when the personal cost for standing behind Black people is relatively small, but so few of us choose to do it.